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Animation Process

The production process for a 2D animated explainer video typically involves several key stages:


1. Concept and Scripting: 

  • The process begins with a clear understanding of the message you want to convey in your video. This is particularly important if you are wanting an explainer video or other educational content. 

  • A script is crafted, outlining the narrative, dialogue, and key visuals to effectively communicate your message. 

  • This stage is not necessary if you want logo animations, GIFs or other short-form social content. 

2. Storyboarding: 

  • A storyboard is created from the script, to visualise how each scene in the video will unfold. This serves as a blueprint for the animation process. There are plenty of opportunities at this stage to amend the visual narrative. 

3. Design and Illustration: 

  • Visual elements, including characters, backgrounds, and objects, are designed based on the storyboard. 

  • The chosen art style and colour palette are applied to maintain consistency throughout the video. 

  • Please note that I am more than happy to work with supplied visuals. If you have an in-house designer/illustrator, then I can easily work from your assets providing they are supplied as .ai or .psd files. 


4. Voiceover and Audio: 

  • If your video requires a voiceover, then I will source a professional voiceover artist to record the script. I will work with you to find the right person for your video. 

  • Background music and sound effects are selected or composed to enhance the video's impact. Background music is usually purchased at an additional cost to the initial quote. 


5. Animation: 

  • This is where I bring the static illustrations to life by creating movement and transitions between scenes. This process will involve the use of Adobe After Effects to create fluid motion. 

  • I will create a rough pass of the video and send it to you for approval. Once you are happy with the initial movement in the video, I will then flesh out the animation to provide a full version. 

6. Editing: 

  • The animated sequences, voiceover, music, and sound effects are combined to create the first full pass of the animation. 

  • Timing and pacing are fine-tuned to ensure a smooth and engaging viewer experience. 


7. Revisions and Feedback: 

  • Clients are given the opportunity to review the video and provide feedback at this stage. 

  • Any necessary revisions are made to address client input and ensure the video aligns with the desired message and tone. 

8. Finalisation: 

  • Once all revisions are complete and the client is satisfied, the video is rendered in its final format. 

  • High-quality visuals and audio are ensured during this process. 


9. Delivery: 

  • The final 2D animated explainer video is delivered to the client in their preferred format (e.g., MP4, MOV) for use on websites, social media, presentations, or other platforms. 

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